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Recovering from the crisis - the transition to the new industrialization

Published: November 2nd, 2016

Today in the Conference Hall of Administration of the Zabaikalye Territory a meeting of the Council of the RF CCI Industrial Development of competitiveness of the Russian economy was held. On the agenda - the strategy of economic development of Russia and discussian of the opportunities and development of the Zabaikalye Territory.

The meeting was opened by Sergey Novichenko, Deputy Chairman of the Zabaikalye Territory Government - Minister of Economic Development of the Zabaikalye Territory. Sergey Novichenko told about the economic advantages of the region, but also noted that the region needs economic breakthrough, technical re-equipment of enterprises, modernization of production of high-tech and new program development region.

Russia's development strategy project in his speech presented the Chairman of the Russian Chamber of Commerce Industrial Development and competitiveness of the economy of Russia Konstantin A. Babkin. The main idea of the strategy is to move to the new industrialization, ie, to designate the development of production as a key strategic priority. To enter changes are needed to the new industrialization:


According to Mr. Babkin, you must use the stimulating tariff regulation. Customs duties in Russia are considered solely as a tool of filling the federal budget. The main task of the tariff regulation is to create conditions for the development of its own production, including by limiting the import of finished products and export of raw materials if there is demand for it in the country. Foreign trade regulation (not only tariffs, but quotas, certification and other sanitary standards.) Should not be used to achieve tactical (short-term) goals. It should be a tool to guarantee the long-term stability of the external environment in the implementation of investments.

— Tax policy

"We need to bring back proven effective in 1999-2001 investment incentives on income tax, "- said Konstantin Anatolievich. "Reverse tax maneuver" is necessary to order to stimulate domestic industry. As a result of the "reverse tax maneuver" the inflow of investments to 820 billion rubles, additional public consumption -. 100 billion effect on the budget -. Lost income in the amount of 1.1 trillion rubles, which can be offset by an increase in tax revenues in the long term 2-3. years.

— Monetary Policy

Bank of Russia work priority should be not in inflationable targeting, but in stimulating economic growth and development of production. In his speech, Konstantin Babkin offered to provide the real sector of available credit due to the gradual reduction of the key rate from the current 10% to 0% in 2021 g, to establish a judicial procedure for revocation of banking licenses, to focus on improving the quality of the bank, to ensure access of small and medium-sized banks to the system refinancing of the Bank of Russia and other forms of state support, and to refuse or reduce foreign exchange controls in the implementation of export enterprises.

— Agribusiness

The key to solving the problems of Agribusiness is to improve the profitability of products sold. The quality of domestic products is a key strategic competitive advantage in the global Agribusiness market. The introduction of ration cards will improve the quality of life of the population and the effectiveness of state support for Agribusiness, Agribusiness and increasing profitability can be achieved at the expense of insurance against crop failure and disaster, and increase transparency of state distribution.

Source: PR department of MEF