MEF-2018: Conference No. 8

Published: May 7th, 2018

Opening the discussion, the co-chairman of the forum Ruslan Grinberg noted that today Russia lives from elections to elections. For example, now everyone is racking his or her brains about what will happen next, how the country will develop. There is yet no clear answer to this question. However, everyone knows one thing; there are many problems that need to be addressed.

"Today the whole world is developing faster than we, this has never happened. However, we created this stagnation ourselves. This truth no one now denies, "- commented Greenberg.

As the expert noted, there are three potentials in Russia that can be emphasized and received significant benefits. The first, in his opinion, is natural. He, as the speaker noted, is used 100 percent. But, the fruits obtained are distributed unevenly.

The second potential is intellectual. In Russia, the expert noted, there are many highly educated people, but many of them have nowhere to work.

Moreover, the third criterion is spatial; it is not used at all. More or less decent living conditions today only in large cities with a million population. In small settlements, there is an outflow of local residents. For example, in Japan an average of one square meter is 335 people, in Russia it is seven. In addition, this figure is sure the expert speaks for itself.

In the fact that in Russia there is no equality, Sergei Kalashnikov also stressed. In his speech, he noted that to develop the economy, it is necessary to develop a clear mechanism of action: "There should not be unpopular reforms." For example, more than 10 professions are planned to be filled before 2025. But where will those people whose jobs go disappear work? "

"For example, it is planned to remove the post of security guard, they allegedly do nothing, but only solve puzzles, but whether these people are ready to retrain into more profitable professions that are necessary for the country today." I think not, and this mass of people will create an additional burden on the economy".

Igor Nikolaev is sure that the development of the economy lies in reducing the tax burden. As an example, the expert cited Ireland, where, after reducing the tax burden, economic growth accelerated.

"These are not miracles, but reality. In 2008, Russia lowered the interest rate from 27 to 24%. Why not do it now? ", The economist summed up.

In addition to the tax component, the Russian economy should pay attention to attracting investments, "said Jacques Sapir. He advised Russia to develop a strategy for the development of the banking sector. In addition, it is necessary to develop industry. According to the expert, modern technologies should be used in this direction. For example, robots should extract oil. It is necessary to use deep-sea drilling. It is also necessary to increase the demand for manufactured products. Only these factors, the foreign expert is sure, will be able to influence the development of the Russian economy. All participants of the conference agreed with Mr. Sapir.