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Published: January 16th, 2017
On creating a new unique faculty, which will be the 43rd faculty of the University, said co-chair of the MEF Viktor Sadovnichy. Recruitment of students will start in the summer. more

Published: January 13th, 2017
MEF expert Andrew Danilenko about what Year 2017 prepared for the Business and Entrepreneurship in Russia more

Published: January 13th, 2017
MEF expert Anatoly Aksakov - about the prospects of economic cooperation between Russia and the United States during Donald Trump more

Published: January 12th, 2017
Russia's currency devaluation is waiting on the script of the end of 2014, when the dollar broke the mark of 80 rubles. About this in an interview with "Lenta.ru" said co-chair of the MEF Ruslan Grinberg. more

Published: January 12th, 2017
MEF expert Vladimir Gutenёv reported that plans for the development of Russian car industry has already being made up. This statement was made during his visit to the plant in Togliatti "AvtoVAZ". more

Published: January 12th, 2017
Russian heavy machinery may disappear completely, and the country runs the risk of absolute dependence on imports, says the Ministry of Industry in the project sector development strategy until 2020. more

Published: January 12th, 2017
Today opens Gaidar Forum. I will not be glorified as a great visionary, if I write that they will once again call upon reconciled with stagnation, with the "new normal", and that the burden of the majority of performances will continue the fight against inflation as the basis of all economic policy. more

Published: December 16th, 2016
Today there was a meeting in the Ministry of Finance. more

Published: December 15th, 2016
A new advertising campaign of the Bank with the participation of famous Russian farmer, cheesemaker Oleg Sirota launched. more

Published: December 15th, 2016
Farmers definitely felt the positive effects of subsidy programs of agricultural machinery producers. In 2016, the largest plants showed an increase in production and sales of equipment for various purposes, domestic demand for cars remains high more

Published: December 14th, 2016
Valeriy Gartung, MEF expert: "Recently at the Moscow Economic Forum, our idea about the abolition of the VAT refund to exporters of raw materials supported by the majority of experts and industrialists" more

Published: December 13th, 2016
According to Golikova, we are running out of money, but at the same time, "if we talk about the growth or further fall, then the tendency is not decided yet." more

Published: December 9th, 2016
In 1991, it was decided to be integrated into the global dollar system. Right or wrong, it was - it's a separate issue. It was not at the time most likely alternative. Note that we have to build in the worst way, that is, we gave all we could give, and including the fact that it was possible not to give up, and even the fact that we, in general, gave up that nobody wanted to to take. more

Published: December 8th, 2016
Director of the Department of Agricultural, food, construction and road engineering of Industry and Trade Ministry of Russia Eugene Korchevoi took part in the meeting of the Russian-Venezuelan high-level commission. more

Published: December 2nd, 2016
LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky in an interview with PASMI commented Russian President Vladimir Putin's message to the Federal Assembly. According to the MP, the anti-corruption campaign which began recently will affect all levels of government. more

Published: November 18th, 2016
MEF Expert Zlochevsky: grain harvest manufacturability approaching Western standards more

Published: November 18th, 2016
MEF Expert Grudinin Pavel: "We see that we have a number of labor supply is much greater than the number of vacancies" more

Published: November 17th, 2016
"Somehow very spitefully to rejoice that your expressed ideological enemy was finally grabbed. Probably, it would be wrong, if not one "But" more

Published: November 17th, 2016
MEF Expert Oksana Dmitrieva: "I think that you can detain all the vice-governor in charge of the construction, from 2008 onwards, and not only. It is necessary to investigate the entire chain starting from 2006-2007. " more

Published: November 15th, 2016
Today the Minister of Economic Development Alexei Ulyukayev has been detained. Will it lead to changes in the economic policy of the Russian Federation? more

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