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Whether Russia will be the second of China?

Published: November 18th, 2016

Analysts say that due to the currency crisis and reduction of the real incomes of the population in Russia wages may be comparable with the Chinese. According to the "Renaissance Capital", in the past year, citizens income was lower than that of the inhabitants of Brazil and Eastern Europe. At the same time, the appearance of a large volume of cheap labor the labor market can be an incentive for joining the country of foreign companies. "Kommersant FM" host Marat Kashin in the framework of the program "Pro et Contra" theme discussed with the director of "State Farm Lenin" Pavel Grudinin and financial analyst group of companies "Finam" Timur Nigmatullin.

Timur Nigmatullin: "In Russia, incorrectly assumed average salary, although Rosstat said middle point is that this average salary laid salary conditional any one billionaire and thousands of workers with a salary of 15 thousand rubles per month is necessary to consider the median salary.. with this bundle of income. But, anyway, the average for the economy when converted into the currency of the Russian salary is quite low. The presence of a skilled labor force, the ratio of the open economy in terms of capital flows and the value of labor costs make Russia attractive for investment. "

Pavel Grudinin: "In the labor market, and in any market, supply and demand determine the price of something, including labor. If the demand for workers is falling, because the business is wanted to deal with by no one, and supply increases, because people did not die, and the company closes, respectively, the market surplus, unemployment begins. People come to work to settle already packs to those businesses that have not yet closed. We can see that we have a number of labor supply is much greater than the number of vacancies. Naturally, people will agree to do some work, maybe even for less money than before, and this is a normal process. But the investment attractiveness of the country depends not only on low wages. But also because, as a general actually arranged business country. In a country that always said that he would fight for the freedom of business, and in fact does nothing, where taxes are rising constantly, which deal not only profitable business, but terrible, of course, it begins an entirely different story. So I think we in this regard are not competitive, especially when compared with China. And the other thing is still there. Have you ever noticed that in Russia many people who do not work with your hands and want to command. We happened to the old days, one mechanic, and then followed by the foreman, for a foreman - an engineer, for engineer - chief engineer, and then someone else must be sure to keep an eye. "

Source: kommersant.ru