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In St. Petersburg, the arrest of former vice-governors for construction was offered

Published: November 17th, 2016

In St. Petersburg, actively discussing the news of the arrest and escorting to the city of the former vice-governor Marat Oganesyan. It takes on the case of large-scale fraud in the construction of the stadium on Krestovsky.

Oganesyan came to the Smolny in 2013 of the North-Western Directorate for Construction, Reconstruction and Restoration of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. He was responsible for building block and was involved in all major projects - from road junctions to the notorious stadium on Krestovsky. Following the resignation in April 2015 Oganesyan left for Moscow.

Scandals, constantly broke out around the construction of the stadium, with the name of the former vice-governor linked to the same extent as it is to its predecessors and successors. In 2013, to discuss the report of the Accounts Chamber of the strangeness of the expenditure of funds, this year vice-governor Igor Albin almost moved to the stadium, which crossed many fields, oversaw by Oganesyan.

According to the Investigative Committee of Russia, a former official involved in the payment of 50 million rubles. installation distribution panel at the stadium, which had been stolen. Meanwhile, builders say that the money received for the scoreboard in left supply trucks set off. Further, from the point of view of an impartial observer, begins obscure mess with tightening the terms of the contract, all claims of the set of all, courts of arbitration. As a result, it is unclear where the scoreboard, where the trolley who owes whom, and what has become of the money.

A representative of the company "EKOM" Alexander Karpov, are engaged in examining the documentation on construction projects, see what happened in a sign of the common system problems. "The current practice of documentary support is such that compliance with all regulatory requirements when negotiating document makes official jeopardize turnaround time, and if he decides to close their eyes to irregularities in the paperwork - it is a candidate for criminal charges. As a result, the official loyalty longer seeks to ensure that he are not touched, rather than taking care of the rule of law. It is difficult to talk about specific circumstances, with Oganesyan, but in this story we see one more thing: accountability problem. The different phases of the implementation of these projects and the budget financing are separated in time, personnel changes occur, those responsible for the previous stage are gone, the responsibility mechanism is weakened, "- said Karpov," NG ".

Deputy of the Legislative Assembly belonging to Yabloko Boris Vishnevsky, communicates regularly with Oganesyan on sensitive topics City protective protests, too, is not ready to blame the officials unconditionally: "It seems that they want to topple long-term construction on Krestovsky on one culprit, and is not currently located in the civil service." Wisniewski said, "NG", that is inclined to consider Oganesyan competent builder and not a bad administrator. Meanwhile, the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the growth of the Party Oksana Dmitrieva told the media that questioned on the stadium need to expose and mayor Georgy Poltavchenko, and the previous Governor - Valentina Matvienko: "I think that you can detain all the vice-governor in charge of the construction, from 2008 years and beyond. It is necessary to investigate the entire chain starting from 2006-2007."

Source: Independent Newspaper