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Glazyev designated seven scenarios of Russia’s development

Published: February 27th, 2017

The academician and public figure Sergei Glazyev thinks that there are seven possible scenarios of development of Russia in the global economy in the next decade. In an article for "Gazeta.Ru" Glazyev outlined these scenarios in detail.

"The most negative of those scenarios is a scenario called "Isolation and intervention", involving the creation of the economic bloc of China and the United States. This turn of events will be accompanied by increase of American aggression and the transfer of the ongoing hybrid war on the territory of the EAEC with a view to its partition into spheres of influence between the old and new centers of world economy (that is, between the US and China)," — said Glazyev.

When you restore Pro-US forces in domestic politics, the scenario of the "American colonization" that may result in the establishment of the puppet regime is possible.

Geographically opposite scenario is "Chinese protectorate", according to which the Russian economy "is becoming the Chinese periphery".

Good, but the unlikely scenario is "Partnership of the US, Russia and China." Among the more conservative ones is the "Isolation and mobilization" (the formation of a mobilization economy) and "Status quo".

The most positive scenario for Russia is a scenario that assumes 10% annual GDP growth and 20% growth of investments in the case of the Great Eurasian partnership (on the basis of the EEC and the member countries of the SCO). However, this would require "a significant upgrade of the Russian ruling elite."

Earlier, the presidential adviser Sergei Glazyev said that the Russian banking system is "sucking money out of the economy" instead of transforming savings into investments and the implementation of a centralized credit issue.