April 3-4 2018
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А Blow to Russian plants

Published: February 17th, 2017

"All the same, these m... they started to strengthen the ruble, without giving any possibility of a cheap loan or investment, by not raising solvency! Thus inflicting a heavy blow on the industry and village! Yes !!!! they do not care about the industry, technology, the independence of the country, they do not care about the millions of workers and their families, they have only the financial in the head, they are disabled scoundrels. I have no words of such profound stupidity of such a low vile betrayal of workers' interests, and even touted as good for the people, such as "investments will come" and type "panties from Italy will be cheaper". Ugh, the scum of the earth.

I'm not such an emotional person, but to the financial-economic bloc, to those who work and create, the ability to develop production and education sacrifices the interests of foreign corporations, too, are without sympathy.

The ruble has risen by 20%, then 20% decrease in the competitiveness of Russian goods relative to foreign ones in 2016.

Now the ruble has strengthened, so the production in Russia will lose profitability and its volume will decrease. And there are loss of jobs, wage decrease and tax deductions.

I believe that the normal rate of the ruble today is 65 rubles per dollar. So it should be kept. Let the Central Bank not say it can not do it.

And to increase the purchasing power of the population, it is necessary to solve old problems: market protection and export support, to reduce taxes, to lower resource prices (adjusting taxes) to reduce the cost of loans. We should do these and other things to develop production in the country.

Then panties with laces made in Russia will be affordable.

Source: LJ Konstantin Babkin