April 3-4 2018
Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS). Key theme: "Russia and the world: image of the future".
Marco Ricceri: "It is necessary to take a fresh look at the basic principles of the economy"

Published: March 30th, 2017

There is an active debate about the future development strategy now in Europe, says Marco Ricceri, Secretary General of the European Institute for Political, Economic and Social Research (EURISPES). Speaking at the Plenary discussion "A confused man between despair and hope: the world situation and Russian specificity," he stressed that the members of the European Parliament, the deputies say that the main task is to adjust the liberal approach, pay attention to planning to ensure economic development. In this part Europe is still weak, and new documents are being prepared, which will reflect what constitutes the social rights of the population.

It is necessary to take a fresh look at the basic principles of the economy. It is very important, the expert believes, to choose what to be guided as a new development strategy for 2030 with. All governments approve the "great adjustment" approach in order to understand the development of new processes in the global economy.

Science, in turn, must understand its social responsibility, direct its efforts so as to achieve social goals and improve the quality of human values that ethically must be instilled in society. Ethical, social values come to the forefront and in many states. Marco Ricceri cited Sweden as an example, where in three years they are going to switch only to renewable energy. Some other countries have also moved in this direction.

"We must understand this new scenario, we must decide: what is the basis of our development? We need to make a wise decision about what kind of future we want to build. We must integrate the knowledge of society and approach these issues from a new perspective, "concluded the Secretary General of the European Institute of Political, Economic and Social Research.