April 3-4 2018
Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS). Key theme: "Russia and the world: image of the future".
Ruslan Grinberg: "Russia does not use its main potential - territorial"

Published: March 30th, 2017

First Plenary Discussion "A Confused Man Between Despair and Hope: The World Situation and the Russian Specificity." has concluded within the framework of the Moscow Economic Forum. The moderator of the discussion, the co-chairman of the Forum, the scientific director of the Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Ruslan Grinberg called for answering the main question: the economy for man or man for the economy? It is important that the economy is only a means for the well-being of a person. Greenberg emphasized that there were a lot of different events that increased the uncertainty of the future the past year.

"In the early 90's, we were all intoxicated by the omnipotence of the free market. And the reformers were exposed to fashion for market fundamentalism. Western colleagues said that we are beginning to build a new life, we must act in the spirit of the only correct theory, to privatize, regulate and stabilize. Market dogmatism has become a very important guide to action," noticed Greenberg.

In a similar situation in Poland, which Ruslan Greenberg cited as an example, it was decided that they would carry out reforms without sacrificing democratic principles. Even if the reformers lose in the elections, other experts will come who will take a place in power. In the future, the force, which was headed by Grzegorz Kolodko came to power. As a result of his pragmatic actions, the economy began to develop, something similar happened in Russia, when Primakov-Masliukov's government came. But they, according to the co-chairman of the Forum, were saviors, who were again replaced by supporters of the free market.

"Now in Russia there is a problem with democratic institutions. We constantly have a dispute about whether democracy helps the economy or harms. On the one hand, we see an example of China, on the other, an example of Ukraine, "Greenberg said. Why is it important to find out why there has been a failure in democratic institutions.

However, Ruslan Greenberg urged to take into account that the terror has swept the whole world, everywhere human potential is under threat. Market fundamentalism has died, but its business lives. The co-chairman of the MEF stressed that the Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences is preparing a large report on the strategy of Russia. "Its main items are human capital, salaries, professions. The agenda related to the mechanisms of the innovative economy is very important. One of the most important features of our program is infrastructure facilities that are not being used efficiently. But the main potential of our country, which is not used at all, is the territorial potential. It is this capital that will become our advantage over other countries, "summed up Greenberg.