№21. Conference “The crisis of public administration — is there a solution?”

Published: March 30th, 2017

What management and personnel mechanisms should be launched in order for the development strategy of Russia to work really, - answered the participants of the conference «The crisis of public administration — is there a solution» Which was held within the framework of the fifth Moscow Economic Forum. Moderator of the discussion, member of the editorial board of the Russian Economic Journal, economist, publicist Yury Boldyrev stressed that the current managers are only able to redistribute resources between "their people" and regularly bring them offshore.

Three provisions of the long overdue reform of the state administration were announced by the deputy chairperson of the State Duma committee on labor, social policy and veterans affairs Nikolai Kolomeitsev. First, it is necessary to return branch management and preliminary to make an inventory of resources. Secondly, it is necessary to quickly develop a system and return strategic planning. Thirdly, it is necessary to change the principle of budget formation, so that tax revenues remain in the regions.

"120 powers of the federation delegated to local self-government through the regions, not providing them with financial mandates. As a result, the one who should be a dad and a mom is a stepmother. Although he is responsible for everything from birth to death, he cannot influence, "the politician believes.

Kolomeitsev also spoke for the revival of the national system of training and advanced training, ranging from vocational schools, technical schools, colleges, and ending with institutes.

The Soviet and Russian scientist, the former deputy minister for atomic energy, Bulat Nigmatulin, told what qualities the members of the Russian government should have. It is necessary that key positions be occupied by professionals with successful experience in large organizations, responsible not only for their current work, but also for sound strategic planning. According to the expert, the salary of the head of the state corporation should be at the salary level of the minister and be tied to the basic salaries of employees.

Vyacheslav Tetyokin, the chief political adviser to the chairperson of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, also spoke about the need to revive effective state administration. According to him, in the USSR there was a powerful system of training personnel, but now the country lacks specialists. 70% of officials at the local level do not have the relevant knowledge, education and experience. At the federal level, this figure reaches 80%.

"The tragedy of our country and state administration is that the specialists disappeared. Accountants, financiers, lawyers, sociologists have come, "concluded Aetokin. He urged to think about what managerial personnel are required for the country.

Yuri Boldyrev, summing up the discussion, stressed that our country has the potential and the reserve of personnel. Some of the current heads of enterprises, despite the difficult situation in the economy, show effective management and educate the cadres. In addition, you can use international experience, attract advisors and assistants.

"Let me quote my favorite old example, when in 1998 in the Accounts Chamber we established that all federal property of the Russian Federation gives less profit to the federal budget than one joint Russian-Vietnamese company Vietsovpetro. Why? Because the Vietnamese side did not allow privatizing the shares and did not allow hiding profits in any parasitic pads that would not allow it to be brought to the budget, "Boldyrev said.

The economist stressed that, despite the corruption pressure, it was possible to preserve the fair system of the Olympiad for admission to universities. Participants in the discussion agreed that graduates of leading universities should form the main human resources.