№26. Round table “Investment Bridge. Cooperation between the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China. Achieved level, problems and prospects”

Published: March 30th, 2017

China has a huge potential source of investment resources. Under what conditions this potential will be realized in Russia, experts of the Moscow Economic Forum discussed on March 30 at the roundtable "Investment Bridge. Cooperation between the Russian Federation and the PRC. Achieved level, problems and prospects".

"In China, we see a very powerful financial system with a very high level of monetization," Sergei Glazyev, presidential adviser, noted in his welcoming speech. He is convinced that in the suicides of the passivity of Russian state institutions, it is necessary to develop cooperation between Russia and China through international structures such as the BRICS Development Bank, the Asian Bank for Infrastructure Investments, the Silk Road Fund. "In the first two, Russia takes an active part, but so far only as a shareholder, and not as a recipient of investments," the speaker said.

The guest from China, the main research associate of the Institute of Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia of the Academy of Social Sciences, Li Yongquan, lamented the modest amount of investment by Russia and China. According to him, the economies of the two countries are complementary, but realizing the potential of these complementary industries in practice is still a problem. The reason for this is the unfavorable conditions for investments in our country and the lack of an established communication mechanism between investors of the two countries. "So far, normally investments are only made in those sectors that are supported by the government," Yongquan said. Techniques and equipment from the Russian side make up a very low share, although, in the opinion of the academician, these branches have a huge potential.

President of the Association of Investors and Initiators "Investment Bridge" Yuri Goncharov supported his Chinese counterpart, noting that "the main financial mechanism for the implementation of investments remain state guarantees." Speaker recalled a number of legislative restrictions for investors that exist in both countries and increase the period of implementation of investment projects from 3-5 to 7 or more years. Goncharov urged the gathered to pay attention to the trust between the parties to the investment process. In his opinion, it is necessary to talk about the possibilities of Chinese investments in Russia, to analyze the projects proposed for cooperation, to develop information interaction and cultural dialogue between countries.

The topic of the general information field and interaction in the sphere of mass media and telecommunications was continued by the Director for External Communications SPB TV, the consultant of the Ministry of Communications and Communications in Russia Denis Perepelitsyn. He shared the experience of a Russian company that created the media business abroad from scratch. Great prospects for foreign companies in the Chinese media market are dictated by the need of Chinese Diasporas outside the country to receive content in their own language, and the need for Chinese media structures to broadcast their views on the world agenda in Europe and North America. Perepelitsyn is convinced that economic cooperation should be priority in the dialogue between the countries: "The experience of interaction means that the friendship based on money is much stronger than the friendship based on emotional impulses or political situation," the businessperson summed up.

At the end of the discussion, First Vice President of the Russian-Asian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Margarita Fedotova noted that Russia's task is to show ways for development, new niches, to create a positive image of the market, as Chinese entrepreneurs only go to those they trust. "We need to devote time to establishing not only partnership and working relations, but also friendly ones. It, really, will open such opportunities about which you at all do not represent ».