№37. Round table “Public diplomacy and strategic communications in the implementation of Russia’s strategic goals”

Published: September 22nd, 2017

Within the framework of the round table devoted to public diplomacy, the experts of the Moscow Economic Forum discussed the problems of forming Russia's foreign policy image.

In the era of globalization, Russia's external challenges, public appearances at international venues come first in politics. Within the framework of the section, experts identified the main actors of the system, among which, in addition to the Foreign Ministry, institutions and the media occupy numerous «Friendship Foundations», the most important place. As it sounded in the hall, today not all participants of the system of external soft power act in a coordinated manner, rather each in itself. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to resist the attacks of the aggressive propaganda campaign of Western media, which is very "skillfully" used by Russophobes. Unfortunately, the speakers said, the world still believes in the numerous stereotypes associated with Russia.

And the reason for that, sounded in the hall, is the inability to "submit yourself" on the right side. It is very important, according to the speakers that Russia learns to show its leadership, demonstrate it and justify it. A country that is universally recognized as a world leader in culture and science obviously has other rights. "Unfortunately, we do not have good advertising even inside the country of what we have. Many outstanding exhibitions, which nevertheless attract a record number of visitors, alas, do not go well enough in Russia, let alone talk about how it happens abroad, "said Andrei Khazin, head of the department of strategic communications at the Faculty of Public Administration of Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University.

According to Irina Malkova, the expert of the section, today many countries are specially engaged in their promotion, the creation of brands, for which they attract their own and foreign specialists who promote national brands. For example, among clients of Bloom Consulting, a Madrid-based agency specializing in this field, you can find government, travel and investment departments and agencies in Germany, Spain, Poland, Sweden and Australia. "As a result of using the brand, we receive economic benefits (the specific receipt of specific revenues and the premium price that the entities are willing to pay for using this brand) and political dividends," the speaker summed up her speech.

While forming the state image of our country, experts are sure, it is necessary to collect an image with qualities inherent to Russia - spirituality, diligence, paternalism, tolerance and fortitude. The experts of the section discussed what mechanisms will allow creating an objective image of the state and will not distort the real situation in either our country or its international position or its contribution to the world civilization.

According to the associate professor of the Department of International Organizations and Problems of Global Management of the Faculty of Public Administration of Moscow State University Alexander Naumov, today Russia's foreign policy image is artificially understated. To neutralize the negative perception of the Russian Federation in the world, it is required to solve a whole range of problems. "It is necessary to increase the share of the presence of Russian media in the international arena, to find the target audience and adequate content for them, to seek the formation of a favorable image of the country, including through the activities of specially created institutions for this purpose," the scientist believes. He added that it is necessary to inform the population of other countries about Russian history, to develop inbound tourism, to make Russian education more attractive for foreign students. It is necessary to influence the attractiveness of culture, values, traditions, generated ideas and solutions, as well as models of political, social and economic development.