Mikhail Delyagin: "The rules of the new world are being created right now"

Published: November 14th, 2017

Experts in search of an image of the future turned to the Tula students for help.

Last week in two Tula universities - Tula State University and TSPU them. Russian experts in the field of studying international relations, Russia’s foreign policy, US foreign policy, and global security and energy issues held L.N. Tolstoy - lectures and discussions «The Image» of the Future of Russia.

The scientific adviser of the Institute of Problems of Globalization, Doctor of Economic Sciences M.G. Delyagin, the Associate Professor of the Department of Theory and History of International Relations of the Peoples' Friendship University, the Doctor of Historical Sciences K.P. Kurylyov, the Editor-in-Chief of the IA "REX", the Candidate of Historical Sciences S.A. Tsaturyan, candidate of political sciences, expert of the Institute for Strategic Studies and Forecasts P. Ya. Feldman.

The project, the organizers said, is aimed at disseminating knowledge about Russia's current foreign policy, its priorities and role in the development of the state and society; about the role and place of our country in the new world order. The experts give a comprehensive analysis of the system of international relations, taking into account the actual agenda, as well as conducting a mass questioning of young people. At the entrance to the lecture hall, students received questionnaires on the theme "The image of the future of Russia", which they asked to fill out.

— We do not promise any fame for you - the questionnaire is anonymous and assumes maximum openness, but your opinion is very important, we will rely on it, drawing up the final report, "DA Egorchenkov, director of the Institute for Strategic Studies and Forecasts of the PFUR, said opening the meeting.

The famous Russian economist Mikhail Delyagin, who presented his vision of the future image of our country, made the keynote speech. He spoke of the transformation of humanity, bearing in mind the present, which we do not see.

— The usual rules and laws in today's life are less applicable or even ceased to function. Living in the information society, we still do not realize what it is and how to swim in it. One thing is obvious: before us is the New World, the new rules of which are being created right now, - Mikhail Gennadievich believes.

The economist called the new state a "global crisis", where the main thing is not logical knowledge, but imaginative (creative) thinking, not industrial technologies ("Production degrades!"), But information, not a change in the environment, but a change in one's own perception. And this is the most difficult, because if the education system used to set up specific knowledge and skills, then it is impossible to teach figurative thinking.

Social transformation manifests itself in the transition from interests to emotions, from logical discoveries to insights, and in politics from parties and clubs to sects of interest. Experts noted that in the information age, "eccentrics" are easier to find each other, and now whole corporations are focused on this - to seek out and unite "oddballs" developing the world. At the same time, managing creative people is undoubtedly much more difficult than logics.

In the age of super productivity of information technologies, the problem of "superfluous people" is revealed as never before, and money is losing value, giving way to technologies that give rise to a new social infrastructure.

Speaking about the advantages of Russia in this period, M. Delyagin noted, strangely enough, the economy of cost reduction that is well known to our country, as well as the availability of closing technologies that reduce the need for resources. Moreover, of course, a special cultural code, which citizens adhere to. However, there are still many discoveries on this path.

Source: Young kommunar