Russian specialists almost caught up with Chinese on wages

Published: November 23rd, 2017

The average salary of a Russian specialist as early as 2014 was 38% higher than that of a Chinese specialist, but this year the level of remuneration in the Russian Federation has almost equaled that of the Chinese, experts at Korn Ferry Hay Group.

As follows from the review of the consulting company, Russian salaries for qualified personnel almost do not grow for the last 3 years, RBC reports.
Under the experts, the authors of the study understand employees who "have a set of academic knowledge and understanding of theories." That is, we are talking about people whose training requires special knowledge. It can be, as an initial post of the professional, assuming the finished higher education and minimum experience of work, and a post without higher education, but with extensive practical experience ".

In the Korn Ferry Hay Group concluded that Russian specialists should not wait for significant increases in wages in 2018.

At the same time, in comparison with Western companies, the situation in Russia has deteriorated noticeably. Three years ago, salaries of domestic specialists were at the level of Polish. Now in the companies of Poland they get an average of 22% more. In comparison with the US and Germany, the gap is even greater - five times, with Finland and France - at three. Even India is already catching up with Russia: three years ago in this country, wages were five times less than ours, and now only three times.

At the same time, more than 10 million highly skilled specialists by 2025 may find themselves without work in Russia. This is stated in the joint study "Russia 2025: from cadres to talents", prepared by The Boston Consulting Group, WorldSkills Russia and Global Education Futures. The absence of structural reforms in the domestic economy, based on the export of resources, the low demand for scientific knowledge and the narrow supply of vacancies in science-intensive industries in the coming years will lead to the fact that millions of Russians engaged in intellectual activity may be unclaimed.

"In comparison with Western countries, Russia can be called a country of non-professionals. Full of managers who are committed to minimizing costs and increasing profits. That is all they can do. Moreover, if in the country the primitive economy, undeveloped production, except for oil, gas and financial sector is nothing, then where to get professionals of a diverse profile. The philosophy of our business is simple - it requires fast money, right now. And to grow specialists it takes years, they need to be taught at least something to be able to do. In the framework of our primitive structure of the economy, it is very difficult to grow a specialist, a professional. They are practically not in demand. Hence low salaries. The market became a god, giving rise to the philosophy of shortsighted market fundamentalism, with its disregard for scientific knowledge, long-term planning of the economy, for people who know how to do something other than money, "said the scientific director of the Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Economics, Professor, and RAS Corresponding Member Ruslan Grinberg