New Minimal Wage: when will we catch up with Congo and Honduras?

Published: November 24th, 2017

The draft law on bringing the size of the minimum wage to the subsistence level has already been adopted by State Duma deputies in the first reading. It is planned that from January 1, 2018, the minimum wage will rise to 9489 rubles. (85% of the subsistence minimum), and in 2019 will be equal to it. Will this improve the situation of Russian residents? After all, even the increased Russian minimum is less than that received by citizens of the Congo or Honduras.

Let us define one simple thing: income below the subsistence level is not poorness, it is poverty. In simple terms, the living wage allows a person (working!) Not to die. Or rather, not to die quickly, because it is greatly understated. Try to live on it for six months - I am sure, after this experiment you will go straight to the hospital.

Guaranteeing the subsistence minimum is the guarantee of the right to life. Many people do not like the constitution of 1993, but in it, this right was given to the people. However, less than 30 years have passed since it ceased to concern the entire population. The state from January 1, 2019 guarantees the right to life only working full-time and only working legally. This is 60% of people of working age. The remaining 40% - housewives, unemployed, disabled - can die. As well as those who for various reasons cannot work - children, students. For a time they guaranteed a living wage to pensioners, but then they were told: "Here you have 5 thousand rubles, hold on here, all the best, good mood and health."
We are told that there is no money. However, according to official data of the Ministry of Finance, as of October 1, unutilized balances of the federal budget funds - 7.2 trillion rubles. Most of them were withdrawn from the country and went to support the financial systems of those states that unleashed a new cold war against us.

The current cost of living on the caloric content of products included in it roughly corresponds to what German prisoners of war received in Soviet camps during the Great Patriotic War. That is, during the most terrible war in history, we treated prisoners of war better than today for our people.

The government can call a new law on Minimal Wage anyway they like, but the essence of this will not change. The new minimum wage is the denial of the right of citizens of the Russian Federation to life.

Source: aif