MEF 2018

Published: December 5th, 2017

The forum, as usual, will last for two days and will be held on April 3 and 4 next year.

The venue is the building of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences on Leninsky Prospekt.

Before the forum, as you know, was held at the Moscow State University, in the new Lomonosov and Shuvalov corps. Now these buildings are occupied, there is a studying process. In addition, the forum has developed, our requests have increased, and there was a problem of lack of space. It was not possible to resolve it, and we responded to the proposal of the Academy of Sciences to move the forum there.

We are grateful to the Moscow University and its rector Viktor Antonovich Sadovnich for the moral, organizational and intellectual support of the forum during its formation and, of course, we will keep in touch with them.

The sixth forum will be called: "Russia and the world: the image of the future".
The meaning of the name is that the modern government of our country, especially the economic bloc, does not have a picture of the future in which they lead Russia. We cannot arrange this, therefore we will draw the image of the future. Let us give a word to those who see this image.

As usual, there will be four plenary sessions and about twenty conferences and roundtables on various topics.

Themes of the plenary sessions will be something like this:
1. Russia. State, problems, economic development strategies.
2. The world. Well, if we not only predict the development of world politics and economy, but also discuss how we should influence the rules of the game.
3. Justice. How to share opportunities and benefits for building a more harmonious society.
4. Culture and the material world. Liberal extremists put money in absolute priority and lead society to degradation. We will discuss how to preserve the foundation of society in the form of traditional values.

The conference topics are not yet defined, but preparations are underway. In December, we'll get together and concretize something.

The fact that Russia is far from realizing its potential, does not suit us. The forum is held so that intelligent and responsible people can gather, exchange ideas, find like-minded people and receive support. In one way or another, gradually we create an alternative to market fundamentalism. We create a social force and a flow of economic thought, aimed at development. And this is what we get, but a lot of work is ahead.

So stay tuned for the forum. It will be interesting.

Source: livejournal