Tax paradise for the rich and hell for the poor - Mikhail Delyagin about Medvedev's speech

Published: December 1st, 2017

The flat scale of personal income tax, which is so praised by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, is in fact a disguised regressive taxation of wages. The director of the Institute of Globalization Problems Mikhail Delyagin to a REGNUM correspondent announced this on November 30. Therefore, he commented on the compliments that the incumbent prime minister showered on the flat taxation scale in Russia.

"The level of competence and even the simple human adequacy of Medvedev is evidenced by the fact that, after singing Hosanna flat scale, he immediately said that, perhaps, the government will introduce a tax benefit for the poor," said Delyagin. - That is, it will make it not flat, but normal, progressive, as in the whole world. That is, he refuted his words. Of course, he said all the words he should have, because he is part of the liberal clan, namely, the liberal reformers have introduced a flat scale in our country to free their enchanting revenues from real taxation ".

At the same time, the economist recalled that in the US at the time of their highest power, the maximum rate of income tax reached 90%. The principle here is very simple - the richer the person, the more influence he can have on society. Accordingly, it must bear a greater responsibility, which is reflected, among other things, in the tax sphere.

"For example, in Finland the penalty depends on the level of income, and the vice-president of one large company paid for excess of 120 thousand euro a few years ago," the economist recalled. - But what do we see now in Russia? Extremely high payroll, disguised by a flat scale. The poorer you are, the more you pay. The poor deduct about 38% of the income. Naturally, they cannot pay such taxes and do everything to get away from them. As a result, we now have about 30 million people working "in the shadows." This assessment was voiced by the Ministry of Finance, and it corresponds with the statement of Olga Golodets, who does not know what 34 million people are doing in the Russian Federation ".

According to Delyagin, Medvedev and his cabinet created a tax system in the country, in which it is impossible to live normally. As the expert noted, "they built a tax haven for billionaires and a tax hell for everyone else".

"When a flat scale was introduced in 2002, we received an increase in income tax payments," Delyagin reminded. - But there was an official study of the HSE experts, which showed that this increase caused a rise in the standard of living, and not the withdrawal of money from offshore companies. This trend was also, but its scale is greatly exaggerated by liberal propagandists ".

In addition, Delyagin explained that in many respects the current state of affairs is connected with the peculiarities of the liberal ideology that prevails among the ruling bureaucracy. It greets when the poor pay in percentage terms more than the rich do. This is normal, and this is justice, as in the liberal understanding the rich is by definition a good man, and it must be freed from taxes, and the poor - bad, because he does not want to be a billionaire - he is lazy, which means that he must be punished with taxes.

Recall that on November 30, Medvedev, answering questions from journalists from five TV channels, said that the flat scale of personal income tax was very successful for our country. According to him, thanks to her managed to pull out of the shadow of a huge amount of income.

"The rich are not afraid to pay," Medvedev said. - We collect up to 3 trillion NDFL per year - this is a huge amount! I think that a simple tax scale (NDFL) justified itself for calculation ".

In his last year's interview, he also positively commented on the flat scale, saying that she played a huge role in "income whitening" and recalled the 1990s, when the country had a progressive scale. The fact that in those years the economy in principle worked very poorly and hardly due to the progressive scale, the prime minister chose not to mention.