Alexei Lapushkin: The Central Bank Buries the Banking System

Published: January 25th, 2018

The Secretary of the Federal Council of the «Partia Dela», the expert of the Moscow Economic Forum Alexei Lapushkin tells about his forecasts of the development of the Russian credit and financial system and ensuring the availability of loans for small and medium-sized businesses in an exclusive commentary to Regions Online.

According to Alexei Lapushkin, it is difficult to predict the development of Russia's monetary system, when the Central Bank and its chairperson bury the banking system. After the presidential elections, a new government will be formed, which, I think, will adjust economic policy.

Accordingly, the availability of loans for small and medium-sized businesses will depend on the personalities and ideology of the new government. For large state-owned banks, small organizations are not interested - the same "Sberbank" announced in 2016 to close 30 to 50% of its offices in the regions.

In addition to the federal, there should be regional and very small banks of the type of loan and savings banks. In tsarist Russia there were a lot of them - central with a network of offices, postal and telegraph, factory, parish and even parish. Here such small offices are interested in a specific Vasya Pyaterochkin, a small businessman or a farmer. They will rather give an adequate assessment of its business reputation and solvency than a formalized and bureaucratized state bank, to the central Moscow office of which it is necessary to send 125 certificates in order to obtain a small loan in the village of Mikhailovka.

Talk about the poor manageability of such a branched system of small banks - clean water demagoguery. According to the statistics of the American Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, there were 4,969 banks in the US as of September 30, 2017 - and the US Federal Reserve somehow copes with their control. More precisely, 44 people are engaged in this in the Department of Supervision and Regulation. Let me remind you that in Russia there are now 517 commercial banks (in the last four years, 350 licenses have been revoked). And what about our banking supervision? To destroy competition in favor of German Gref or in order to develop the banking system?

The crediting of the regions arose because of the existing system of interbudgetary relations. You will not pull the regions out of the debt hole, if the bias between their powers and the funds allocated to them remains the same - towards the authorities.

Source: gosrf