"We must prioritize the formation of the country positive image"

Published: February 16th, 2018

Chairman of the Council, industrialist Konstantin Babkin, during a large-scale report on the economic development strategy of the Russian Federation, announced a number of proposals that will form the basis of the section on the state cultural policy.
In particular, he proposed: to identify the educational aspect and the formation of the future positive image as a priority direction in cultural policy and to fix it in all program documents, to introduce a clear system of criteria for the films evaluation, to introduce a quota for showing domestic films in cinemas, and also to formulate state orders for the quality films development devoted to industry and agriculture.
As Babkin has reported, referring to estimates of Council experts, from 149 movies supported by Fund of cinema, 75% bear a negative attitude towards the history and image of the future and only 10% of them bear a positive charge. "There is not a single film about people of production, industry, there are bandits, dancers, security officers in large numbers, but there is not a single film about teachers, scientists, and academic people. Culture policy should make society stronger and improve the competitiveness of our country, our industry" - he said.
In the opinion of the head of the RF CCI Council, "a very lively conversation took place, which everyone cares about, and the topic was discussed from different points of view, touching on, for example, the issues of cinematography, television policy, architecture development." The fact that we assessed the situation in the region cultural policy, not only from the point of view of the ordinary citizen, but from the point of view of industry, in my opinion, interested everyone. I believe that the policy in the field of culture really affects the competitiveness of our combines, tractors, pipes, and aircrafts" noted Babkin in the commentary for Nakanune.RU.
During the meeting of the Council it was noted that the policy in the field of cinematography nevertheless is improving, films with a positive image of Russia began to appear. "But in them, as it sounded, the state presses the person, is hostile to the person, and it goes against the state, performing some kind of feat. But at least our past is not entirely black, we will try to praise positive trends in the forthcoming report on the competitiveness of the country's economy, scold for the fact that they are very weak and uncertainly piercing the road to life, but I think this is one of the best meetings of the Council, "he commented.
It should be noted that the first deputy minister of culture Vladimir Aristarkhov joined the discussion, his vision of the situation was also reflected by the Executive Director of the Cinema Foundation Anton Malyshev and the president of Moskino, Honored Artist of Russia Igor Ugolnikov. These speeches, as Babkin emphasized, caused him to "surprisingly positive reaction." "They probably got an understanding, felt the support that not only the amount of sold tickets for Russian films is important for industry, but also the formation of a positive image of the country. I think this will adjust their work," said the head of the RF CCI Council.