K. Babkin about agricultural machinery and high technologies

Published: February 26th, 2018


Igor Abakumov: After all, what are the losses of the harvest due to the fact that we have old equipment? Are there any such data?


Konstantin Babkin: Well, it's hard to say. The Ministry of Agriculture calls losses of 30 million tons of grain due to the fact that we have worn out and not enough ...

Igor Abakumov: And a big load on the combine.


Konstantin Babkin: Yes. Well, I believe that this is so. Losses are one problem. But Russia could double the volume of grain production, so the problem must be solved.


Igor Abakumov: Konstantin Anatolyevich, you are somehow not liberal, are you?


Konstantin Babkin: No, I'm not a liberal.


Igor Abakumov: Not liberal. What should be the policy of the Government? I have such a feeling, something tells me that after March the Government will change. How do you think it should become?


Konstantin Babkin: Well, based on reasonable real interests. What does it mean that I'm not a liberal? I believe that private initiative, freedom of contract, freedom of speech should be present. But there must be an active role of the state, planning elements must be returned. The state must have the image of the future. Now the liberals tell us: "We do not need to plan anything, tomorrow everything will be different, all plans will go to nothing. Let's not do anything ..."

Igor Abakumov: We have a phone call, let's listen. Hello, you are on the air of "Agrarian Policy", we listen to you.


Spectator: Good evening.


Igor Abakumov: Mutually.


Spectator: I would like to tell you the following. I, in fact, disturb you from the agrarian republic - Kabardino-Balkaria, Nalchik. The question of the next character, if possible.


Igor Abakumov: Yes, of course.


Spectator: Firstly, it would be worthwhile to thank Konstantin that at a difficult moment they took Rostselmash and lifted the plant from their knees, naturally, thanks to Putin. But the other side of the question ... I'll ask a simple, economic or household issue. When will we start to live better? What is needed for that?


Konstantin Babkin: What?


Igor Abakumov: That's a good question. When will we start to live better? Probably, this is a question as to the leader of the "Delo" party, I suspect so. Thank you.

Konstantin Babkin: Thank you. The development of real economy always and everywhere leads to an improvement in people's living standards. If we rely on real interests, increase grain production, increase the production of machines, make them increasingly productive, then inevitably people will live richer. 30 years ago we ... well, we did not laugh, but the image of the Chinese was such, riding a bicycle and working for a bowl of rice. Now, after 35 years of rapid development, the Chinese receive an average salary higher than the Russians. So let's develop the economy, and everything will be fine.


Igor Abakumov: Konstantin Anatolyevich, you are probably one of the few parties that did not nominate their candidates for presidential elections. Why?


Konstantin Babkin: Well, we are not ready yet, in this situation. If to be got involved in a fight, then having kind of real chances to win it. It first.


Secondly, probably, the acting president can, has a chance to become a really great political figure, a historical one. And the great figures made certain changes, the turns of their policies. Our president already in 2014 turned foreign policy with the Crimean events and received a huge loan ... returned a huge credit of trust. We hope that he will make such a turn in the next term in the field of economic policy. We are working on this. Simply put, we do not really like economic policy. In what Paul Gruzdinin says there are many reasonable ideas, but nevertheless the leader is Vladimir Vladimirovich. And we hope that he will hear the proposals we are voicing, and he will make that turn. We will support it.

Igor Abakumov: Probably, it is the formulation of economic policy that you will be engaged in at the nearest Moscow economic forum, right?


Konstantin Babkin: We will continue the propaganda of our economic policy in early April, right.


Igor Abakumov: Thank you, Konstantin Anatolievich.


Konstantin Babkin: Thank you.


Igor Abakumov: Our guest was Konstantin Anatolievich Babkin, president of the Rosspetsmash association and leader of the Delo party.


I'm Igor Abakumov. I'll see you next Monday, no matter the weather.


Source of publication: https://otr-online.ru