Youth competition MEF-2018

Published: February 27th, 2018

The image of the Russian future implies answers to the following questions:
"What are the goals of development?",
"What are we striving for?",
"What role will Russia play in the global economy?",
"What will we import and what will we export?",
"What will our children be involved in?",
"What will be our society, and what values will become ideals?".

Today it is necessary to ask the young generation how they see the future and the ways to achieve it. After all, it is up to them to live in new economic realities.



"Russian regions in focus of changes: How to create an economic miracle in your region?"

"The best world practices in the field of industrial development and the agro-industrial complex. How to apply in Russia? "
Essay requirements:

- compliance with the specified topics;
- the relevance of the proposed development paths, supported by static and graphical data;
- no more than 5 pages in Times New Roman, 14 pt;
- all submitted essays will be checked by the "Anti-plagiarism" system, works with uniqueness less than 50% are not allowed to participate;
- Deadline for submission until March 20, 2018.
Video requirements:

- Timekeeping no more than 2 minutes;
- The video sequence and meaning should meet the stated task, the stated subject;
- use of pictures, graphics, multimedia, video, vlog, etc. is allowed;
- the video can be saved in any format available for opening;
- official hashtags #studentcompetitionofMEF, #IamgoingtoMEF ( #конкурсстудентовМЭФ #яедунаМЭФ) and arbitrary hashtags of the author;
- the name of the video can be supplemented by the author's full name, city or university name
(Example: The economy of the Saratov region_Semenov Ilya Victorovich_stud.1 course SSU).
How to apply?

Direct the work to the email address -
Deadline is March 20, 2018.

Specify data about the author (name, birth date, university, faculty, specialty, course, contact phone number, contact e-mail address, postal address with the index).

The authors of the selected works will be given the opportunity to attend business events of the Moscow Economic Forum on April 3-4, 2018 for free.
Procedure for selection of works and evaluation of results

The participants of the contest who will most fully open the proposed topic will receive valuable prizes (gift certificates in the online megamarket):

1 place - a certificate for 30 000 rubles

2 place - a certificate for 20 000 rubles

3 place - certificate for 10 000 rubles

All accepted works will be marked by Diplomas.
For non-resident winners of the competition, the Directorate of MEF will pay the costs for:
- Fare to the venue of the Forum (region-Moscow-region);
- Accommodation (3 and 4 April 2018).

Please note that for groups of students, numbering from 20 to 48 people, the Forum Directorate is ready to provide a free bus from your region to the place of MEF on 3rd or 4th of April 2018.

Awarding the winners of the Student Contest will be held on April 4, 2018 at the final plenary session.

The results of the contest will be presented on the website of the Moscow Economic Forum on 04/20/2018 in the transcript of the final Plenary meeting.

Source of publication: Press Service of the MEF