Rosstat "sweetened the pill" for government officials

Published: February 28th, 2018

According to Rosstat, oil production in annual terms in January decreased by 1%, and extraction of natural gas by 2.2%. Statistical curbs surprise many experts, especially after the failure in November last year, when the industrial decline was 3.6%, which became an anti-record over the past eight years. The spheres of processing and production of metals felt the worst at that moment.
Jan Art, expert of the State Duma Financial Market Committee: "Unfortunately, we started to play with statistics during the last year.

Either in the number of duties of officials was added, or they invented themselves to add the duty to say only that everything is fine. This whole situation has already been described by Anderson and personally I do not like it. "
While statistical data raises questions among experts, the government is talking about achieving macroeconomic stability.

Speaking at an investment forum in Sochi, Premier Dmitry Medvedev was optimistic about the bright future of the domestic economy: "We ensured macroeconomic stability, different people talked for a long time about this need, and even under sanctions our economy became less dependent on external shocks and raw material prices. We brought inflation to a record low level of 2.5% last year, and according to the results of January 2017 it fell to 2.2%. "
Representatives of the business community say that all economic stability is based only on the cost of a barrel of oil. If the prices for hydrocarbons go down again, the prime minister and his loyal subordinates with liberal chevrons will immediately grasp the heads. There is no possibility to support the country from within. In the absence of long and cheap money, domestic enterprises survive without having the opportunity to invest in development.
Konstantin Babkin, President of Rosspetsmash Association, co-chairman of the Moscow Economic Forum: "Lack of lending is a serious issue that hinders the renovation of enterprises and the sale of our products, because all agricultural machinery is sold on credit." If we take the lag and calculate the credit increase offered to the peasant for buying a combine - we see that the interest rate on the Russian combine is 10% per annum, on the western - 3% .If this is multiplied by five years, then the difference is one and a half times.
This is a flashy question. "
No less screaming is the fiscal issue. The tax grip on business is shrinking, despite the presidential moratorium. While the funds to support domestic entrepreneurs are reduced year by year.

Sergei Maiorov, chairman of the board of directors of the Magnolia Foundry and Mechanical Plant (Naberezhnye Chelny): "Today we have not a developing, but some kind of destructive fiscal regime of the economy.
If today someone is developing, it is not thanks to some kind of support, but rather contrary to everything.
The types of support that exist today for small and medium-sized businesses are necessary and important, but not in the quantities in which they exist. "
Experts are sure that there are no miracles. No matter how optimistic figures are shown by statistics, in fact the domestic economy is not just slowing down in its growth, but may even re-enter the stage of recession and fall. And in this case, no matter how someone scribbles a marker, it will be impossible to demonstrate a mythical growth.

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