Central Bank set a course for obtaining money from the population

Published: February 28th, 2018

Check, but do not trust! Each participant in financial relations, which enters into a deposit agreement with the bank, can no longer see its own funds. People in front of the law are like blind kittens on a busy autobahn. Protection, if there is, is illusory.

The law on deposit insurance is designed to serve as a soothing pill for the people. He promises to return the funds to an individual in the amount of 1 million 400 thousand rubles, in case of revocation of the license from the bank. No one explained why not 1.5 million or 1.3 million. As well as why the Central Bank can not guarantee people the full safety of their funds. This is the same as the surgeon will guarantee the patient to save the limb only to the elbow in the event of a fracture of the hand, and anything below is amputated. Or it's like a restaurant chef with a Michelin star will cook potato puree Al dente.
Financial ombudsman Pavel Medvedev, one of the authors of the law on deposit insurance, said that no one can trust any of the banks more than 1 million 400 thousand. The diagnosis of "bankruptcy" in the office of Elvira Nabiullina can be made absolutely by any financial institution. Neither good financial statements, nor a place of honor in the rating of the country's largest credit institutions are guarantees of safety of funds.
Dear compatriots, the only way to save 100% of your savings is to not trust any bank more than 1 million 400 thousand at the time of seizure. This is the only way to surely save your money. Because if your savings are more than 1 million 400 thousand, and the bank is suddenly deprived of a license, you will become a so-called "superior".
Over 4 years of active work of Elvira Nabiullina, the head of the Central Bank, the so-called "superiors", appeared more than 1.5 million. People trusted their money to reliable banks, whose work was closely monitored by the mega-regulator - the Bank of Russia. Controlled, as it turned out, through the sleeves. In a number of cases, the top management brought trillions of money into shadow accounts and hauled out tons of cash in carts.
Not bankers and higher supervisors turned out to be in trouble, but ordinary people - superiors, off-balance depositors, representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, who kept current assets in bank accounts, as required by law. The financial ombudsman agrees that it is very bad that banks are deprived of a license too late:
Everyone has a huge hole. And here is a big trouble. If the license was revoked when the bank had not yet had time to forgive its capital, then it would be possible to pay off all debts. But the license is revoked later. "
У всех огромная дыра. И здесь большая беда. Если бы отозвали лицензию тогда, когда банк ещё не успел проесть свой капитал, тогда можно было бы расплатиться со всеми долгами. А отзывается лицензия позже".
Проедание капиталов, запоздалый отзыв лицензии – ни что иное, как банальный рейдерский отъём денег у населения, говорят эксперты. Причём всё происходит в рамках закона. Людям говорят: вы виноваты, что не разнесли свои деньги по разным банкам, что НЕ попытались разделить вклад и оказаться в числе дробильщиков, что НЕ сняли свои деньги со счёта за считанные дни до ввода временной администрации, а значит, вы являетесь инсайдером.
Experts say that the squandering of capital, the belated withdrawal of the license is nothing more than a banal raider's withdrawal of money from the population. And everything happens within the law. And people are told the following: you are to blame for not having carried your money to different banks, that you did not try to divide the deposit and be among the crushers, that you did not withdraw your money from the account in a few days before the temporary administration was entered, which means that you are insider.
In fact, all these are schemes created by the Central Bank and the Deposit Insurance Agency. The game is being fought against ordinary citizens of Russia who had the imprudence to accumulate a certain amount of money: to a decent old age, to improve their living conditions, to treat a sick child.

The economist, the expert of the International Economic Forum, Valentin Katasonov confirms that there are no guarantees for the safety of depositors' money: "In principle, what people do today when they put money on accounts is that they play a dangerous game, because the balances of commercial banks are such that in at any moment almost every commercial bank, including Sberbank, can be selected a license. "

Further rates are only going up. At the initiative of the Central Bank, so-called irrevocable deposits may soon appear in Russian banks. The customer will not be able to withdraw funds from such deposits before the contract expires. Considering the total confusion in the financial market, experts assure that this measure can lead to another wave of weaning money from the population.

Source of publication: https://tsargrad.tv