Pavel Grudinins experts propose to reduce taxes and increase revenues

Published: March 5th, 2018

Producing in Russia is not profitable. The main reason is high taxes on labor. Compared to other countries, our country is not competitive. This was pointed out by the Minister of Finance AG. Siluanov at the Gaidar Forum, held in January this year. Unfortunately, he is already late - the industry of Russia is almost destroyed. In 2016, the production of tractors was 4% in comparison with 1990 in natural units, the production of metal cutting machines - 5%, bulldozers - 3.5%, linen fabrics - 6%, leather shoes - 10%, etc.
With the existing entrepreneurial climate in Russia, development is impossible, regardless of the course chosen. Substitution or overhaul requires the existing mechanisms and instruments of development in Russia. This applies to the control system, the tax, the credit and financial, customs tariff and judicial systems. But first of all, it is necessary to reform the source of the budget - the tax system.
Experts of the election headquarters of P.N. Grudinin developed recommendations for the development of his "20 Steps to a Decent Life", taking into account the research of the Expert-Analytical Center "Modernization", allowing simultaneously doubling the budget revenues and halving the tax burden on the enterprise.

Impossible? Judge for yourself.
Experts propose to introduce a progressive scale of income tax for which the non-taxable income minimum will be 20,000 rubles. per month; for income from 20 to 250 thousand rubles / month - set the rate of 13%; from 250 thousand to 1 million rubles / month - a rate of 30% and for income over 1 million rubles per month - 50%. In this case, almost half of the citizens will be exempt from the tax, an increase in the tax burden will feel no more than 4-5% of the population and budget revenues will grow by 2.5-3.0 trillion rubles.

At the same time P.N. Grudinin’s experts offer to reform the VAT:
- establish a single VAT rate equal to 8%;

- reduce the number of VAT benefits;

- To pay VAT as a "direct" way as a product of value added to the tax rate (today the VAT tax base is the cost of sales);

- as an added value - to consider the difference in the value of goods sold and the value of goods and services of third parties, including the value of fixed assets;
- Based on the experience of China, to cancel or significantly reduce the rate of VAT refunds from commodity exports;

- leave 50% VAT for the regions, this will help to compensate losses from our proposal to introduce a minimum income-free incomelevel of 20 thousand rubles per month.