MEF is a unique expert platform of international level

Published: March 26th, 2018

Scale, authority, relevance - these are the main features of this annual forum. Representatives of Russian business, science, culture are open to reform - and the MEF invites them to discuss ways to solve existing problems together with recognized experts in various fields. The main goal of the forum is the development of strategic measures and programs to give a new impetus to the comprehensive Russian development. The theme of the VI Moscow Economic Forum is "Russia and the world: the future image". The global nature of this issue and the tasks to be solved determined the composition and geography of the forum participants. In 2018, the MEF will unite entrepreneurs, politicians and public figures and scientists from 50 countries around the world, as well as from more than 77 subjects of Russia. 
The majority of guests are practitioners with many years of successful work experience in business and science, as well as major political figures. Among them are the president of the Rosspetsmash Association Konstantin Babkin, the presidential candidates for the 2018 elections Pavel Grudinin and Boris Titov, the director of the Institute for the Study of China's Border Problems Xing Guangcheng and many others. The MEF program includes discussion of the most urgent topics about the world economy, Russia's geopolitical role, economic development strategies and the influence of existing value models on the future image. Along with discussions on global changes, concrete initiatives will be discussed at the forum. For example, the introduction of a progressive scale of taxation, which, according to Ruslan Greenberg, the co-chairman of the forum, the scientific director of the RAS Institute of Economics, could be one of the incentives for the country's development. 

Strategic Sessions 

"Today, all conditions are created for the prosperous and comfortable life of every Russian, for the advanced development of domestic production, for the production of high-tech products of the world level. All but one - a sensible, non-liberal economic policy. We will talk about it, as well as the international situation, science and a just society, "said Konstantin Babkin, co-chairman of the Moscow Economic Forum, president of Rosspetsmash. Most of these topics will be discussed at the first "setting" plenary discussion titled "The Future of Russia: Challenges, Strategies, Mechanisms for Success" (moderator - K. Babkin). Speakers, including RF President's adviser on regional economic integration Sergei Glazyev, director of CJSC Lenin State Farm Pavel Grudinin, will present their views on resolving the problems of realizing the state potential in agriculture and industry, finding sources of financing for future economic reforms, the choice of Russia's exit from the economic crisis. One of the most important topics of discussion will be whether the RF government is ready to radically reduce the tax burden, reduce the cost of loans and energy resources, and introduce protective mechanisms for the national industry. A new alignment of forces in international politics will be discussed at the plenary discussion 

"The Global World in the Conditions of Radical Changes: Risks and Chances" (moderator - R. Greenberg). How to prevent a second cold war and prevent the growth of Russian and Western alienation? What is the nature of the modern surge of global inequality? How does world turbulence affect the world economy and the economy of Russia? Russian experts will seek answers to these questions with their foreign colleagues: Polish ex-Minister of Finance Grzegorz Kolodko, President of the Franco-Russian Dialogue Association Thierry Mariani, and the Russian official representative of the federal state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Germany), Falk Tischendorf. Participants in the plenary discussion "Social Policy and Human Potential as the Basis for Modernizing Russia" will focus their attention on the issues of intellectual capital, education, medicine and culture of modern Russia. 

Possible solutions for such topical issues as: the role of the individual and talent in the state technological development, the destruction of national cultural codes and the opposition of budgetary and paid medicine - will be presented by Oleg Smolin, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Education and Science of the Russian Federation, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Culture Elena Drapeko, Secretary General of the European Institute for Political, Economic and Social Research (Eurispes) Marco Riccheri and other participants of the meeting. Economy plus politics One of the main MEF tasks is a thorough analysis of the past presidential elections and their impact on the Russian future. The conference "Will the presidential elections become a public discussion about the Russian future?" And brainstorming "From stagnation to development - threats, challenges and prospects for the Russian economy and business after the presidential elections" will be devoted to this issue. The issues of the economy and the financial sector will be discussed at specialized conferences (among them - "The Bank of Russia policy - how to restore confidence in commercial banks and launch real sector investment?", "International trade and WTO: how to ensure equal conditions?", "How to plan and prepare personnel for new economic development ", etc.) and in other discussions. The forum will also focus on the topic of the cultural sphere: in particular, the debates "Cultural Policy: Between Personal Freedom and the Interests of Society" will be held. In total, the forum program includes: four plenary discussions, 16 parallel conferences and four discussions in the format of debates. 

The program will allow the MEF participants to cover the widest possible range of economic and political topics and, of course, increase the effectiveness of each particular section, establish a lively dialogue between the speakers and the audience, and stimulate a comprehensive discussion of each issue. Authoritative experts, non-local, acute topics of discussions are an excellent opportunity to keep up the pulse of current trends, prepare for future changes in the development of the country's economy, exchange experience with colleagues, and expand its own business contacts base. The organizers of the forum pay attention to the fact that there will not be a live broadcast from the events. And the registration is already open: Welcome! Source of publication: RBC