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Published: February 19th, 2015
The current situation in the economy is not merely a crisis but an occurrence of the crisis, the Russian economist, publicist and politician, Director of the Institute of globalization problems Mikhail Delyagin states. On the eve of the Moscow economic forum, which will be held on 25-26 March 2015, Mikhail Delyagin shared his thoughts about overcoming the economic difficulties this year. more

Published: February 19th, 2015
First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation for industry, First Vice-President of the Union of machine builders of Russia Vladimir Gutenev expects that Moscow Economic Forum (MEF), which will be held on 25-26 March 2015, will force the Russian government to respond to the expert opinions, that will sound during the event. more

Published: February 6th, 2015
MEF Co-chairman Konstantin Babkin: "Ban on import, on the one hand, is a positive thing, but it will provide only a temporary effect. more

Published: February 6th, 2015
MEF expert Eugeniy Korchevoy: "Export duty already limits appetite of products export. Plus, the more you export, the more you pay to the budget, the more, in fact, you pay your consumers". more

Published: February 6th, 2015
The Central Bank deliberately leads anti-Russian policy, because the International Monetary Fund (IMF) recommended that. This was stated by MEF expert Sergey Glazyev. more

Published: January 21st, 2015
On Saturday and on Monday I participated in meetings with the Prime Minister. The first was devoted to agriculture, the second — to industry. The feelings are not very good. .. more

Published: January 21st, 2015
Uwe Leuschner told how the German government encourages the development of production and export... more

Published: January 21st, 2015
High interest rates and lack of branch support from the state — these problems big business cited as major ones on a Monday meeting with the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev devoted to the problems of business and enterprises’ support in the conditions of recession. .. more

Published: January 16th, 2015
General Director of LLC “VILO RUS” Jens Dallendoerfer told how sanctions have affected Russian-German business relations... more

Published: December 23rd, 2014
MEF expert Vladimir Yakunin believes that an economic war is launched against Russia. He said this in Belgrade, answering questions of Serbian journalists about how Russia exists in the conditions of Western sanctions and weakening of the rouble. .. more

Published: December 22nd, 2014
The participants of the International scientific conference "Perspectives and strategic priorities of the BRICS ascent" recommend to submit to the VII Summit of the BRICS offers of co-chair of the MEF Viktor Sadovnichiy about the creation of the Scientific Advisory Board of the BRICS and the Association of universities in the BRICS. .. more

Published: December 10th, 2014
During the round table held in Moscow, the CB RF was charged with lack of citizenship, sectarianism and incompetence, by the authorities as well... more

Published: December 9th, 2014
This year the Central Bank raised the discount rate 4 times, and today's rate is more than 70% higher than the one that was installed in the beginning of the year. .. more

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